bentwood house

Rome, 2015

It took four months to renovate this flat in a charming decò building in the center of Rome nearby the Tiber river. The structure of the building itself is a part of our engeneering history because of its mixed concrete beams wih brick walls and arches.


The main focus of our strategy was to give a modern but an uncontemporary vibe to the space in order to create a set to the beatiful art and furniture pieces owned by the client.  At first we decided to restore the original sweet chestnut doors and windows, polishing the old painting and increasing their insoulating capacity adding double glazing and insulating hardware. 


It was fanstastic to work with such an artistic and inspiring client and together with great artisans who made the calacatta kitchen countertop, and the beautiful and classy oak flooring, spina pesce italiana 60x12 cm.

Art pieces: Carlo Bugatti, Duilio Cambellotti,  Fortunato Depero, Isabella Ducrot, Fausto Melotti.

Furniture: Alvar Aalto, Carlo Bugatti, Josef Hoffmann, Eero Saarinen, Michael Thonet.


photo credits: Serena eller Vainicher

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